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October 27, 2015
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We build highly effective "common sense" websites not only for your visitors but for search engines. We also repair and re-build existing websites however in most cases we will usually recommend that a new website can be far less costly and better for your business in the long run. There will be many logical variables that will be considered when making  recommendations for upgrading that include:

  1. Website platform-How is your current site built?
  2. Domain names - Do you have a domain name /url that clearly defines the type of business that you are? If your domain is  like "", your customers cannot determine the type of business you are nor does it help with your website. If your domain is "www.abcdivorcelawfirmnyc", your customers can immediately determine that you are a divorce lawyer in New York City. These are things that will be discussed in determining domain changes and landing pages.
  3. Locality-Do you serve one City or many counties and areas? Search engine optimization and website landing pages go hand in hand and must be done in order to get the best ranking and highest visibility.
  4. Features and Functions that you would like that would make running your business easier and create better, engaging, traffic producing visitors.  Why re-invent the wheel and spend a ton of money on custom solutions when there is probably an app or plugin that exists. If customization is needed, we will discuss all the options.


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